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"Revive, the Power of Life ~ Pediatrician, Sadao Mayumi" put on the screen

Put on the Scree in September 22nd !!

Don't use medicines and injections unnecessarily,

Medical care should not be ended up by symptomatic therapy,

The doctor is to make patient's physical conditions prevent illness,

The goal of doctors is to quit job because there is no patient,

The most important things is that human is a part of the nature

by Sadao Mayumi, M.D.


Mayumi Pediatric Clinic. The small examination room has visitors attracted by its reputation of good doctor from all over Japan.

There are no medicines or injections in this clinic. Instead he spends long time to make advices for lifestyle. "The doctor isn't the one that cures the illness. It is the natural healing power the cures."

The power of life is decaying. Mayumi asks all of us, "don't you forget that we human are just one of animal species who can survive within the nature web?" Many families had changed their lifestyle after they met Mayumi.

Sadao Mayumi, pediatrician, lectures people of disappearing wisdom in the modernized society throughout his life. There are other professionals making efforts in their own field, believing the power of life.

This is a documentary to describe those footprints.

【Date】: Sep. 22 (Sunday)

【Time】:   1st show time 2:00 pm ~ 4:00 pm    2nd show time 5:00 pm ~ 7:00 pm

【Place】: Kokoro Chiropractic Office

(1401 N. Tustin Ave. Ste 355 Santa Ana CA 92705)

【Max capacity】: 8

【English subtitle】: Yes

【Fee】: $13(Please pay in cash on that day)


【Phone】: (657) 888-5151

【Make an appointment】: Please contact Akiko

by e-mail or phone number above 

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